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Prawns with Reiko Chiba

Okay, I want to have some prawns right now looking at this picture.

Nao Nagasawa's Family Life Inspires To Still Support Tokusatsu In Some Way?

It's been four years ago since Nao Nagasawa tied the knot and became a Toku mom. That didn't stop her from supporting Tokusatsu huh? I admit, just looking at her recent updates, she has a son and a daughter (complete circle while I wish they'll produce more children). Honestly, I still want to whine (in part) to why she's not my onee-san or older sister.

Yup, she's a family woman now and she's got her son and her mini me with her. But that hasn't stopped her from supporting heroes in spandex. Also, the "mature" idiots may call her husband childish all you want but I believe he still support his wife's legacy in spandex.

I admit, I'm somewhat jealous of her and all the people in this picture. They're all 80s babies and not ashamed to admit they do still like Super Sentai. I may no longer like it as much as I used to (and as said, there's always other new school stuff worth checking out) but still WTF... I don't see any reason w…

Suzy Bae Pictures For January 21, 2018

Okay how high is my intoxication rate now?
 It's official... go home because I'm drunk!

Okay looks like she's drank too much!

Lupinranger VS. Patoranger Cast Pictures For January 21, 2018

The guys are ready to fight.
It's time to get some drinks!

 Is Detective Zenigata around the corner?

It's time to fire those guns!


It's time to face the Patorangers!


Erina Nakayama Gets Into NERD MODE

Okay, I'd be lying to say I'm not attracted to her nerd mode right now. =P

Nao Nagasawa Meets The Kyuranger Mascots

This picture gets me mixed. Personally, I wish she appeared as Akenba's human form or voiced said villain. Or two, that she appeared as a Karo in Kyuranger but being a mom is more important. Also, it's nice to see she's still supportive of Super Sentai and I get inspiration from her and her husband every now and then.

Classic Nao Nagasawa Pictures For January 21, 2018

It's been more than ten years since Hurricanger ended but...
I can't forget her charm.
What? She's mutated? Hehe!

 I'm going to miss seeing more of her kickass action now. =P

Suzy Bae Pictures For January 21, 2018

It's time to get hungry.
 Selfie time!

She's so cute!

Natural beauty.
Stunning beauty in modesty!
More beauty in modesty.

I want more Korean food!
Cam recorder time!
Time to cook your meal!

She's a real distraction, isn't she?

She's a natural beauty.

Cutie cute!
Reporter time!
Is she recording events for Delu-World? 
It's time for some drinks!

Kyuranger Cast Pictures For January 21, 2018

I wonder how many NGs happened before this got shot right?
It's time to drink champagne that they're back on Earth!
Welcome back to Earth... shouldn't it be time to send Kyurangers' cast for some Earth adjustment training now? =P