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Vic Zhou and Megan Lai?

If Zai Zai can have no hope of going back to Barbie Xu, I don't think he'll be with Angela Zhang (they were just friends) or maybe with Erika Toda (ugh). I am currently hoping he and Tammy Chen will be together.

I kind of think that he and Megan Lai seem to have some "chemistry" behind the scenes.

Though I didn't like Megan Lai's part in Meteor Garden 2, she seemed to appeal a lot more when it came to Mars and Silence. Silence had them as former lovers and the same went with Delicious Relationships. Are there indications of them falling in love?
The intense parts were present in both scripts yet none of them had them together. I just wonder if the next time we see them, they're married?

Jolin Tsai Rumors with Alan Luo

Jolin Tsai has been rumored to be with Alan Luo lately. I was just wondering if this is true. I honestly think they make the best couple. Hmmm... I don't think this will end up like the marriage of Britney Spears.

I was wondering if they are really a couple. They really look good together. However both of the expressed a "sibling relationship". I wonder if it's just denial.

Let me know what you think!

Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou Imaginary Pair-Ups

,I think it's time to think about who to match up with who...

Part 1- Jerry Yan
I'd like to see Jerry Yan with:

Esther Liu!!! I think the two look VERY GOOD together.

I didn't like almost every guy that Esther Liu was paired with. I hope when she does come back, she and Jerry Yan will become a couple on-screen! I think they can be dramatic together for a rocky relationship that ends happy! I think it should be the Tamahome-Miaka type of relationship for them!

Part 2- Vic Zhou
Vic Zhou with...
Liu Yi Fei! I think the two can be a great couple. I think she is a Vic Zhou fan.

Or a love triangle? Hmmm... I wonder what a love triangle between Vic Zhou and Jerry Yan over any of the girls would be?

Vic Zhou's Previous Linked Romances

I think Vic Zhou was previously linked with two other girls. He had been linked with:
Tammy Chen- I think they are a great couple. She's two years older... so what! I don't think there's anything wrong with the woman being a few years older than the man. Hmmm... I'd like to see them together.
Angel Zhang- I think the two have a chemistry together even if they look odd. I was thinking about the two in a relationship. They released both their albums together and visited each other. I wonder if they were in love? I think Zai Zai should have been the one in Romantic Princess instead of Wu Zun!!!