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Isabella Leong "Bad Girl" Image

I honestly think is picture is kind of hot with the "bad girl" image of Isabella Leong. I just wonder if she can do a mafia movie?

Jolin Tsai's New Green Gown

Despite the fact I really don't like her new hairstyle but I say she really looks GORGEOUS in this photo. This one has a really professional touch and all. I'd like to pose this picture as a fan of hers.

Isabella Leong and Prawn Crackers

She really looks pretty here. Dang! I wish I were in this picture with her!

Picture 1-
Picture 2-

Some Erika Toda's 2009 Modeling Pics

Here are some rather hot Erika Toda modeling pics for 2009 I found on the Internet.
Modeling for Fukuya but I honestly don't like her hairstyle here.
Another Fukuya modeling pic with the same hairstyle above.
A rather hot Cecil McBee picture.
This is really gorgeous.
A very sexy pose on the sofa set.
Modeling in a rather nice colorful dress from the Days company.
Something to liven up the gardens.
A really pretty girl to liven up the avenue.

Liu Yi Fei Bulletin Pic?

I ran across this really pretty pic. I wonder if this is put for bulletin board?

My Favorite Andy Lau Picture

I would like to share with the world my favorite Andy Lau picture of him and a Bugs Bunny mascot together.

Harlem Yu Willing to Save Marriage?

The thing is it seems Harlem Yu after 50 days of willing to file a divorce against his wife Annie Yi for an extramarital affair probably due to a midlife crisis, it seems that because of their seven year old son Harrison that Harlem Yu is willing to forgive his wife over her adultery with Huang Wei De.