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Karen Mok's First Digital Album

Karen Mok's latest album Hui Wei should probably bring her up that much as it's her first digital album. This time it's a combination of East meets West, after all Karen Mok's real name is Karen Mok Morris because she is a Eurasian. It was officially released on Tuesday, June 23, 2009 in Beijing and I think it should be a great hit especially with Francis Lee as the lyricist and Zhang Ya Dong the songstress is assisting. The message seems to be "there's no boundary in music."

If I do find an MV or something, I'll try to post it.

Jerry Yan Hit FM Promo

Here's something I'd like to share copied and pasted from:

posted by yami@jerrys harbor

Whoever wins the bid gets to spend 1 hour with Jerry at the recording studio.

Jerry said he wants to show a YCX that loves singing. thru his songs, he can express his feelings & some of the songs in his album reflects what he had gone thru. re promo activities of only 3 days, Jerry said its realli hard to squeeze out the time as he's busy filming "Just". just b4 the Hitfm event, he has been filming for 20plus hours non-stop.

A reporter asked whether F3 has congratulated him & Jerry answered "err, have you donated money already?". the reporters all laughed & said why talk abt money. Jerry said Vanness has sms him. Jerry was asked that he's now busy with album, filming drama serial & charity activities, is the pressure very great…

Jolin Tsai Here and Then

It seems Jolin Tsai though not very original may have become the "Madonna" of the Mandopop industry. Right now she has the most number of songs that it's hard to keep track of all of them just like in the days when the late Anita Mui became the Queen of Cantopop.

Her music has been blending a combination of sing and dance which she shows rather amazing flexibility, revival of old genres to a better level some of them probably long forgotten.

She's also had fans in more than just Taiwan- she is also known in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapre and even beyond. No wonder she was also chosen to endorse Taiwan in those rather attractive clothes.

Jolin Tsai has recently been showing off her latest English skills which were MUCH better than the ones when she was first interviewed. Her recent trip to Sabah, Borneo has brought success to her Butterfly Album promo.

Has Edison Chen Really Kept His Promise?

Honestly it's very hard to believe that he won't take nude pictures anymore as he said according to this article:

Edison Chan declares that he won't take nude pictures anymore

Edison Chan accepted a 30-minute interview in "Talk Asia" by CNN last night. In the program, he admitted that he was a very wild youngster, taking nude pictures of the girls that he slept with. He apologized to the female artists involved and openly declared that he won't repeat these mistakes again. In fact, since 2004, he hasn't taken any nude pictures. He told his girlfriend about those pictures because he loves her very much and is very serious about their relationship. In the beginning, she wasn't very happy about it, but still supports him. When asked if he has taken nude pictures of his girlfriend, Edison said "Yes, but not much."

While the reporters were waiting for Edison, Niki Chow, his previous rumored girlfriend arrived. She was surrounded by over 10 reporters…

Jerry Yan and Terri Kwan?

Actually between Jerry Yan and Terri Kwan, it seems to be something that there have been rumors the two don't get along that easily. The personalities are kind of opposite, one thinks too much the other doesn't think much. Well, I kind of wonder about how the two will be commented by the people in their drama Starlit. It seems they are also teasing and making fun of each other. I just wonder if the two of them are really going to develop into a relationship? Only time will tell.