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Some Interesting Esther Liu Pictures

Here are some interesting Esther Liu pictures I'd like to share. Hee hee.

If I'm not wrong, this is with her mother.

Esther Liu looks great in glasses with her friend.

Esther Liu with one of her pretty friends. I can't decide who I want...

Hmmm I don't like her goth look here.

A wacky picture with Joanne Zeng. Hee hee.

Stolen Shots of Esther Liu?

It can't be denied such a pretty girl would get stolen shots like this. Hee hee.

A stolen shot from a bus. Wish she were beside me. :-P

A stolen shot from a train station. Her beauty is really noticeable.

I wonder if this qualifies as one. She's really giggling. Her laughter lightens up the day.

Song Hye Kyo Gains Weight... WAH!

I have recently read that it's mentioned that Song Hye Kyo has gained weight. While she is practicing her martial arts, she however has gained weight. I wonder if she's really pregnant. Only time will tell.

Crystal Liu's Warm Smile and Cool Water

Liu Yi Fei in this picture endorsing a brand new mineral water. Hmmm... perfect combination of a heartwarming smile and some cool water for the masses. Perfect combination for such a lovely Chinese woman.

Congratulations Jay Chow!

From May 14-20, Jay Chow's album "The Era" topped first place. Ha ha ha! Well that's a good record! I'm not surprised really.


Potential Good Chemistry Drama Partners for Vic Zhou

I don't know what's into my head but I think Vic Zhou taking in serious roles, well I kind of want to pair him with these ladies. Hee hee.

I think Esther Liu has the smart mannerisms of Liu Xue Hua if Vic Zhou is to be "Chin Han" for the whole script. She does play dramatic parts well and I can imagine her as the Deaf-Mute Bride by now. Oh yeah I think an ancient love story will do.  My pick could be any of those weepy dramas.

Liu Yi Fei is another I think can bring out a good chemistry with him. She's livelier than Janine Zhang and I think she can do well for a real sad story. She did play a dying Ling Er well.  My pic for her lately would be to cast her with him in any Chiung Yao remake.

I don't know about this but I think it will do well. She did a good job with Autumn in My Heart and Full House so I don't see a problem. Again, more "she sounds so old" dubbing. I think the two can have some funny and serious moments for a light drama tog…

Vic Zhou for "Love You Ten Thousand Years"

I kind of think though that this movie presents a rather challenging role for Zai Zai. Why? Well he has to have the "cute image" and the "bad boy image" where he is going to try and present a "Shaw Brothers" song while doing a classic "rock" image. Hmmm is this trying to resurrect Shaw or modernize it? He is paired beside Kato Yuki whom I just don't find even cute. I kind of think though he's combining Andy Lau's and Chin Han's styles for this new film giving a nostalgia of me watching 70s-80s films.

A Crazy Idea That I Thought for Vic Zhou and Kwai Lun Mei

I kind of thought that with Kwan Lun Mei's rather boyish appearance at times, I think it would make a good comedy drama for Vic Zhou to be a playboy who falls for a lesbian (Kwai Lun Mei has done a lesbian role in Blue Gate Crossing) whose heart he'll try to conquer no matter what. I think it may just work for for either movie or series. Of course Vic Zhou is perfectly aware that Kwai Lun Mei is a lesbian but his passion with flowers and the arts causes the attraction to her.

Or what about this- remember Leslie Cheung's She's A Man, He's A Woman? Maybe Vic Zhou is gay and Kwai Lun Mei is a lesbian and the two fall into a rather awkward attraction towards each other and ending with each other in the end.

Liu Xue Hua in Miss HK 85 Performance

There is no doubt that Liu Xua Hua is an extremely talented lady, she can act, sing and she can also DANCE. Ha ha. I kind of thought that her talent is really unique. Cast her as a mother for any F4 member anyone?

Lovely Erika Toda Smiles

I just love it when she smiles and reveals those bunny teeth. I honestly think that this photo is really worth a catch.

A lovely photo of her in green. I think she really looks pretty in this one.

A funny smile photo. Cheese. I like these types of women.

Vic Zhou and Michelle Chen's Chemistry in "Wish to See You Again"

The thing is I always felt like that when I was seeing "Wish to See You Again" I was just thankful that Michelle Chen was able to blend in well with the show even if I don't find her attractive (but she's kind of cute). Why? She manages to actually get the charm out of Vic Zhou. Everything just came out naturally with the two of them, one between a weirdo writer and the other your girl next door type who's lucky to find her lover.

So I kind of thought that ever since disc 1, the two got me hooked because the story was kind of interesting especially with the twists and turns and how their two characters slowly developed their relationship and the two deny their feelings for some time until they can't hold it much longer. And of course, their characters weren't what you'd expect to come out together, that is until a serious misadventure with an annoying child brought them together.

Michelle Chen obviously displayed natural acting compared to Vivian Hs…

Vic Zhou and Kwai Lun Mei at the 2007 China Fashion Awards

This is one of those blast in the past moments and I sort of find it interesting that Kwai Lun Mei is lucky to have collaborated with Jerry Yan and Vic Zhou on different occasions.

One big star and a regular actress in a grand night in China Fashion Show 2007.

A rather charming pose don't you think? I kind of think the two may have a chemistry for a rather weepy drama.

Vanness Wu Imitating Spiderman

Here's one of those pictures I've collected and it's Vanness Wu imitating Spiderman while carrying a little child wearing a Spiderman costume. Enjoy!

I Feel Jerry Yan Should Go Back to Serious Roles

I kind of think that Jerry Yan should really go back to serious roles, I think it serves him better than Down with Love which is more of a romantic comedy. I honestly liked him better when he was acting those "Chin Han" roles. I'm not saying Vic Zhou is doing bad but Jerry Yan if he should save his image, I think he should be back to serious roles again like that of Love Scar.

Who's his next leading lady? I kind of want to pair him with Alice Tzeng, I think they'll make a lovely couple for a serious love story. I kind of want him to be inspired by Chin Han's older scripts to choose a better script.

Besides I kind of felt disappointed he didn't appear as Vic Zhou's opposite in Black and White.

Teresa Teng's 15th Death Anniversary

The song "Wish We Last Forever" is meaningful. After all, it's best to cherish people while they are here, they may no longer be here. The same was with Teresa Teng's death of only 43 years old while she was in Thailand on vacation. She died from a severe asthma attack which claimed her life during the time she was with her French boyfriend. A massive traffic jam prevented her from reaching the hospital on time. By the way, I'm asthmatic and have to be careful. :(

Even with her dead, the songs can't be easily forgotten. My lunatic godmother who I have cut ties with due to her bad behavior was a heavy Teresa Teng fan to make memorials for her every May 8.

We also have this memorial video with her fans and family mourning for her death:

Sung to the song "Bu Liao Qing" this memorial video is for her 15th anniversary. A lot of people die so early these days and I'm seeing it around me.

Teresa Teng's Tian Mi MI

Teresa Teng's Tian Mi Mi is one of my favorite songs. I can remember my sister singing this song during a singing contest in school. The song itself is still very memorable to me this very day. It was sung by Roman Tam who died of the same disease one of my cousins had passed away from just recently who also had an uncle and an aunt who died the same way too.

It had some modern renditions, some I liked, others I didn't like- and the only modern rendition I liked was that of Machi Didi.

Here's the English translation for those who can't understand Mandarin:

Honey sweet; your smile is honey sweet.
Like flowers blossoming in the spring breeze.
Blossoming in the spring breeze.

* Where? Where have I caught sight of you before?
Your smiling face is so familiar.
Momentarily, I couldn’t recall.
Ahh ~ In my dreams.

** In my dream. In my dream, I caught sight of you.
Honey sweet. Your smile is very sweet.
It is you. It is you. I saw you in my dreams.

Teresa Teng's Moon Represents My Heart

From all of the songs Teresa Teng had performed, the most classic for me is "Moon Represents My Heart"- a simple yet meaningful song. It was way back in the late 80s and it still is classic to this very day. So far there have been many renditions but none matches her.

Here are some of the renditions I could remember:
Andy Lau- Not of very good quality.Anita Mui- She has a good voice but not good enough. She sang it in honor of the late actress. (deceased)Leslie Cheung- Despite his lack of voice quality, he sure knows how to create the best instrumentals. (deceased)Jerry Yan- I didn't enjoy his voice during the first time he sang this song, later his voice improved.Also there were remade versions by:
Linda Wong made a jazz version of the song which was a happier, livelier version.David Tao made a modern version with a few rap lines in the song.For the English translation:

The translation in English:

You ask how deeply I love you,
and just how great my love is.
My affection…

Show Luo Thanks Parents for Raising Him After His Starlit Warrior Concert

Excerpt of article taken from:

Show made deep confessions to his fans, he said, "Often times, people would ask me, why is that to be an artist, you're not afraid of the work no matter how hard it may be? That's basically asking me, 'What family are you from?' Everyone knows that I was born into a performing family, ever since I was little, I'd go to lots of performances with Mom and Dad, so ever since I was little I didn't aspire to be a scientist, but actually to be like my parents, to be on stage and bring everyone entertainment and happiness, using the strength of my life, to be a successful artist." After that was said, fans screamed in approval and support. Show continued, "So this naive enthusiasm made me, of the 15 years I've been in showbiz, not feel hurt when I fell, and when met with setbacks, I'd just laugh it …

Ella Chen Calls Jerry Yan a Considerate Good Man

I'm simply touched with what I've read lately that Ella Chen calls Jerry Yan a considerate good man which is true. He called for a role reversal because it's too dangerous for a lady, which again is true. The thing is quite strange, that part of the filming only took one part.

On the other hand, I'm getting sad Jerry Yan is losing the "Chin Han" feel he used to have WAY back in Meteor Garden.

Yoshiko Otaka's Ye Lai Xiang

I was simply drawn into the world of old Chinese films thanks to Durian Dave, I was even told by my 70 year old aunt that Yoshiko Otaka was reputable for being a screaming diva, something popular in Shanghai like Zhou Xuan. Because Yoshiko Otaka was raised in China, she also took the name Li Xiang Lan, something that nearly caused her life if she didn't flee to Japan because the Communist government. So far this song mixes Japanese and Chinese into it, one song fully in Mandarin and the other in Japanese.

Later this song was sung by Teresa Teng. But compared to Teresa Teng's, I liked the original version better like how I liked Koo Mei's rendition of Bu Liao Qing better than that of Teresa Teng's in my opinion.