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Happy Couple Daniel Wu and Lisa Selesner

It's been leaked out that Daniel Wu was secretly married last April 6, 2010 to American actress Lisa Selesner (who is of French, Chinese and American descent). Hmmm it seems that Chinese-American marriages have begun to spin around- usually it's a Chinese woman with the American guy in these kinds of intermarriages (like I have a friend who's half-Swiss on the father side, half-Chinese on the mother side), now it's reverse. I'm almost reminded of Bruce Lee's marriage to Linda Emery way back in the past.

The Classic Mortal Kombat Movie Final Battle Scene

Here we have Hong Kong movie actor Robin Shou and Japanese actor Cary Hiroyuki Tagawa in their roles as Liu Kang and Shang Tsung for the final battle. This is one epic performance in the American film industry, which I can say is that Chinese martial arts has revolutionized American films. The film however was deviant from the story of the video game. Nonetheless enjoy.

Happy 49th Birthday Harlem Yu

I want to greet one of my favorite singers, Harlem Yu a happy 49th birthday. I just can never forget him for singing "Qing Fei De Yi" meaning "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" for the first season of Meteor Garden with F4.

Mark Chao and Ivy Chen Dating?

With a rumor like this surfacing, I am not surprised. Hmmm... according to Channel News Asia, they were caught watching the movie "Inception" and that Ivy Chen escaped when the camera flashed. However the two say they were just friends. Denial anyone? I think so. Hee hee. Anyway I wonder if Vic Zhou is dating Janine Zhang now?


Alexander Wang and Crystal Liu for "Love in Disguise"

Hmmm... I haven't heard much from Crystal Liu as of late. So I kind of thought that maybe she's used to promote Alexander Wang to greater heights or something. She has a new movie entitled "Love in Disguise" so I want to see it. I hope it's one of those teary eyed love stories.

This is one picture that sure got netizens jealous including me. Hee hee. However I wish she'll have a series with either Vic Zhou or Jerry Yan soon or she's stuck in between them. :-P

Please Marry Richard!

As a fan of Isabella Leong, I have to say "Please marry Richard!" Why? Well I would really want to see her with a secure future and all. So I kind of thought that I'm not the type who's in for a 21-year gap (for me, the highest age gap for a woman I'd like is up to 10 years my junior only) but I wish she'll marry him soon. Hmmm... or otherwise she'd be lost when he'll find another.

Isabella Leong Gives Birth to Twins

Isabella Leong after her first son with her old bachelor boyfriend who is currently 43 years old (making him 21 years older than she is) now has twins. I hope she has secured her place as young mistress. I kind of wonder why that guy had a hard time finding a mate. Richard Li even dropped work to accompany her to accompany her in San Francisco. When are they getting wed? Hopefully this year. :-P


I'm Not Surprised Ivy Chen Won Best Actress

I'm not surprised to read this one concerning Ivy Chen:

Taiwanese actress Ivy Chen clinches Taipei Film Festival's Best Actress award for her role in the movie Hear Me.

The relatively new actress, whose turn in the popular drama series Black & White propelled her to fame, was obviously unprepared as she fumbled over her acceptance speech on stage.

Later at a celebratory dinner, Ivy revealed that she was fiddling with her phone when the award winner was announced. In fact, she was so caught off guard that she forgot to thank her mother and brother.

As for the prize money of TWD100,000 (S$5000), Ivy said that she would do what her Black & White co-star, Mark Zhao, did and donate the prize money for the production of the movie version of Black & White.

One of the hot favourites for this year's awards is the movie Monga, but lead actors Mark Zhao and Ethan Ruan lost the Best Actor Award to 11-year-old Bi Xiao Hai.

The movie's director Doze Niu who was tipped to…

Jay Chow as a Talk Show Host?

Source of news:

The fact is I am NOT surprised at Jay Chow wanting to become a talk show host. However it kind of interests me that despite the fact he and Jolin Tsai are NOT an item as of present, the two remained friends. He of course considers it a new challenge in his career.

Donnie Yen as Ip Man

If I'm to talk, Donnie Yen's role of the historical character of Ip Man was played well during the first and second films where he managed to show some cool martial arts moves. He was able to demonstrate the real world of Chinese martial arts as something that's become a potent and lethal weapon all these years. I kind of thought that the film was worth making in order to bridge the gap between Chinese and whites that happened during the past.

Michelle Chen's Your Girl Next Door Type

I kind of thought although I don't find her pretty but getting a girlfriend that looks like her is fine with me. So well maybe she's new in show business but she acts rather naturally and I kind of think that she and Rainie Yang play a pair of friends rather well. As for Wish to See You Again, I think she was just great there. Why? Well, although she doesn't really act that well yet but she tries to keep herself naturally without doing anything irritating on-screen making her a likable character.

Also she's among a few Chinese who can speak English well because she's studied in America for some time. I kind of think that she makes a good hostess for non-Chinese speaking-English speaking people who'll one day plan to visit either China or Hong Kong.

Kingone Wang and Vic Zhou's Friends and Foes Scenarios

I kind of felt that there was a great contrast of Vic Zhou and Kingone Wang's roles when they first met and when they met again.

In "Wish to See You Again", both characters were best friends together with Ken Zhu. Kingone Wang was usually a good guy character and the two made a great team.

However in "Black and White", Kingone Wang's short performance was now having him as a criminal and Vic Zhou as a cop. Hmmm... first they played the best of friends and later they became enemies. In fact, they gave a different feel per show I think the two of them know how to play their roles well. Kingone Wang's lunatic acting was great.

Vic Zhou's Facial Hair

I kind of thought that Vic Zhou actually may have a hairier face than we think. In fact, some of his real pictures show him with a mustache and a goatee. Here are they:

This was him in Linger. I honestly think that the facial hair makes him look kind of mean. He should have kept that look for Black and White. He can use it for a Chinese nobleman look.

This was during the starting episode of Wish to See You Again. Hmmm he had his look at the start and had to keep shaving for the rest of the script.

For "Loving You Ten Thousand Years", he's going to have his mustache and goatee again.

Sequel to Green Hornet?!

Not contented with just conquering the music charts, Jay Chou sets his sights on making it big on the silver screen.

The Taiwanese prince of pop was in Beijing yesterday for a press conference for his new album, which has already sold over one million copies in Asia.

During the press conference, reporters asked him about his movie plans after filming his first Hollywood feature, The Green Hornet. To that, Jay revealed that he is working on a sequel to his first movie, Secret.

"I am currently working on the sequel for Secret, which is an entirely different story, though I'll still be the lead and director."

Jay added that he might consider doing a sequel to The Green Hornet if the movie does well.

When asked about his television series, Pandaman, which was a flop when it aired in Taiwan, the star said that he plans to concentrate on his other projects first.

Earlier in a press conference for The Green Hornet, director Michel Gondry had praised Jay, saying that his command of En…