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Erika Toda: A Beauty By the Fields

Time for some Erika Toda really hot pictures by the fields... a real beauty.  Hmmm...

Simply Liu Yi Fei

More is less.  Hee hee.  Anyway enjoy these photos.

Vic Zhou- Busiest F4 Member?


By the way it looks like, Vic Zhou is pretty busy.  So he's already filmed Hui Jia (or Home) with Janine Zhang.  Yet he also has other projects with Vivian Hsu (not her... ugh) named Cohabiting with Fashion, after he wraps up the movie he will be with Ella Chen for the movie Destiny's Pair.  His last project for the year is called Yang's Clan.  Like an emperor of a nation, he's really on a rush schedule.  Three movies?  Very rush.  What series will he be filming next?  Hmmm... it looks like he's on the serious side now.