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Liu Yi Fei at Beijing National Aquatics Center

Here's just a really charming photo of Liu Yi Fei at the Beijing National Aquatics Center.  Not really much of eye candy but still worth a charm.  Only if I can find better photos soon.

Liu Xue Hua with a Dog

Well here's one of those old photos of Liu Xue Hua with a dog.  I kinda thought as a dog lover, I hope she is one too.  But I do find this picture worth a classic to post as well remembering the good old days she played the lead roles before she became the mother figure to the newbies.

Zhen Xiu Zhen in Witch with Flying Head

Well I haven't seen this film but I think I'd like to to say that Zhen Xiu Zhen acting as a horror movie witch shows why she was more than qualified to play as Dao Ming Feng in Meteor Garden.  I guess she was pretty scary here though I am yet to to see this martial arts/horror film.

Zhen Xiu Zhen in Her Younger Years

I just thought I'd like to see how the amazing Zhen Xiu Zhen looked like when she was younger and here she was... she kinda looks like Joe Chen.  I wonder why she hasn't played as Joe Chen's mother now that she's in her 50s?  But still, I just thought her music is really good!

Erika Toda: The Police Officer That'll Make Me Want to Break the Law!

Here are some pictures of Erika Toda courtesy of "Nao Kanzaki and a few friends" that make me say, "This chick will so get me!"

Even in tomboy style clothes SHE is hot.

Well I miss my aunt's dog already seeing this photo.

Quite skeptical... I want to prolong my conversation with this chick!

No amount of drugs can beat me off her!

A tough stand for a hot chick.

Some Classic Liu Xue Hua Photos Found As of July 15, 2012

Despite the fact that life must go on, sometimes we can never forget the impact of yesterday.  Somehow she's a living legend even if she's now playing elderly parts.  But just having her even for a lesser role is still a great honor to have her play the roles that suit her age.

Shu Qi in Charity Work for Médecins Sans Frontières Pictures

I got the photos from this blog ( and I want to comment on these:

Shu Qi gives two thumbs up.  Despite the fact she's 36, she's still kind of eye candy material.

A piece of solemnity for Shu Qi.  Hmmm I wonder why she's aged that slow?!

Glamorous in Black Nao Nagasawa

This is a picture of Nao Nagasawa on what seems to be an arrival in a hotel.  Okay nothing really special but she's glamorous in black here.

Just Some Interesting Photos of Nao Nagasawa for July 1, 2012...

Well I just ran into these pictures.  I think they are pretty interesting.  Kudos to the lovely Nao Nagasawa for these wonderful posts...

Nao Nagasawa as a beautiful Geisha girl... memoirs of a Geisha.

In karate classes, Nao Nagasawa's ready to kick your balls!

Hmmm never knew this chick could play golf.  Super Sentai golf anyone?

I think she just won an award...

Is she in Indonesia here?  Wowee....

Nao Nagasawa for Sengokou Basara

First a ninja then a samurai. That's what Japanese Nao Nagasawa did a stage play of Sengokou Basara. Hmmm looks like she's still into action after all... and here's some shots of her as Nouhime.  I'm yet to familiarize myself with the franchise but let her be the one... Nao Nagasawa!!!! I just hope this will become a TV series soon.
I'm so gonna slice you!!!!

Ready to draw her sword... beware!  Beware!!!!

That blade looks..... VERY SHARP!!!!

Just a comparison between her and Nouhime.  They sure got a good choice.  She could actually play as Megumi for Rurouni Kenshin too.