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Hideo Sakaki's Act of Heroism

Japanese actor Hideo Sakaki (not the late architect of the same name) who is currently into the role of Takeshi Kuroki in Gobusters did one noble job that was found out- he apprehended a 60 year old pedophile who was peeping at high school girls.  The identity of the man was named Tetsuya Kawakaki, a taxi driver who pleaded guilty during the interrogation.  All I can say is this was an act of heroism on behalf of the actor. Credits to Orends Range for sharing this information.


Note: Although I do have my Super Sentai blog but this is content that is more fitted for this celebrities blog because the Super Sentai blog should focus on content, not the celebrities nor their eye candies which this blog will have all the more.  Also this blog will have the "After the Sentai" moments I can find as well.

Liu Yi Fei at Chang Chun Film Festival

Here's Liu Yi Fei at the Chang Chun Film Festival promoting "The Four".  I just thought that she looks gorgeous here.

Liu Yi Fei at The Four Shanghai Press Conference

I am yet the see "The Four" but I would definitely want to it because of her.  Well here's a list of some of her moments in the Shanghai Press Conference of this Chinese beauty.
She just has that beautiful smile!

A very serious expression as if she's going to strike somebody!

Don't let her elegance fool you, she can strike you with a spear!

A deadly side view of this beautiful girl. :P

A more frontal view now ready to strike.

Yikes who is she pointing at?!  Ha ha!

Belated Happy 25th Birthday Liu Yi Fei

To one of my favorite Chinese actresses, belated happy 25th birthday Liu Yi Fei! Well that cake looks yummy, too bad I'm not eating it with her. :P

Lee Seung Gi's a Really Nice Guy After All

After seeing him in Brilliant Legacy, I guess I'm not surprised he's a really nice guy after all.  Why?  Well he was able to portray his part of a jerk with hidden kindness within quite well or how the changed Hwan was really a nice guy... so here's what I read from Asianfanatics:

So I thought that maybe it's time he would actually try to play different roles from being the not-so-rebellious kid turning in the new leaf to much nicer characters.  After all, he is leading man material.

A More Business Look for Vic Zhou

I just thought that with these pictures, Vic Zhou does have a more businessman type of look to which I think his new roles just suit him.  Enjoy!

Zai Zai with Cast Members of "Saving General Yang"

Well I just thought that Vic Zhou does look good with the typical imperial soldier look.  For some reason, there's a cake in here while Vic Zhou is probably filming "Saving General Yang".  For me, after seeing his improved performance in "Black and White", I definitely want to see this film as well!

Some Interesting Super Sentai Senior Gathering Photos I've Collected Just Yesterday

Here are some amusing Super Sentai senior photos I've found.  Now only if somebody can tell me what they are in...

Kihachiro Uemara in a reunion... and like the fact he made a cameo in Gokaiger!

Masaru Shishido in his Toku-themed bar.

Akito Osuga, the legendary red ranger stuntman Kazuo Nibori, Naoto Ota, Ryosuke Sakamoto and Michiko Makino

Kenji Ohba with Touta Tarumi.  Thank you Kenji Ohba for being Gavan!

Naoya Makoto and Ryosuke Sakamoto.. now both elderly.  Mom and I will want to meet them!

Kenta Satou and Yuuta Mochizuki who in here has gained some weight- funny Austin St. John also gained weight as well.

Esther Liu and Various Endorsements

Well here's some of Esther Liu's various endorsements which I have failed to blog about.  Now time to share some thoughts...
Well this is her for a cover girl issue, she's quite sexy if you ask me.

Ehster Liu for Coco Ren... for some reason I'm starting to think she's looking like a Chiung Yao drama star in here.  LOL.

Esther Liu for Korloff.  I jsut thought her make-up's gone wrong here. :P  Hmmm... she's kinda dressed up like a younger Zhen Xiu Zhen or Liu Xue Hua here.

The Funnier Side of Tori Matsuzaka

While Super Sentai fans may find Tori Matsuzaka's character Takeru Shiba to be aloof, however some of these photos will show he funny he really can be...

Calling all ladies!  Hey don't go to the Super Sentai blog anymore for any updates on the Toku actors!

A funny way to present a birthday cake...

Hey Take-chan let's greet our fans!

RIP Tony Fish

Quite sad to say that Tony Fish lived only until to be 37 years old before he died.  He was dead on July 20, 2012.  Cause of his death was lung infection.  Sad.  He was praised for being such a good person.  He will be severely missed by us.