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Nao Nagasawa and Yumi Sugimoto in Tokuso Saizensen

Super Sentai fans will recognize Nao Nagasawa (now with short hair for this series) who is well-known for her role as Nanami Nono in Hurricanger as well as various action roles, and with model Yumi Sugimoto who was playing Miu Suto in Go-onger.  I don't know what this will be but this is most likely a kick ass series.

Liu Yi Fei at Happy Camp

Everybody signed up for Happy Camp in China thanks to this new and pretty hostess.  As said, Liu Yi Fei is really hot.

Liu Yi Fei at a Hong Kong Annual Dinner

Here are some photos of Liu Yi Fei at a Hong Kong Annual Dinner.  I just love her getup in here!

Liu Yi Fei at Chinese Fairytale World Premier

Here's Liu Yi Fei with a lovely aqua blue gown for the world premier of Chinese Fairytale.  It's really a fairy tale dream for many to have her as well.

Liu Yi Fei at The Four Press Conference

Here are photos of Liu Yi Fei at "The Four" press conference.  Not so much styling and still looks gorgeous.  

Liu Yi Fei at Harper Bazaar 2009

Backtracking to the past, here are some photos of Liu Yi Fei at the Harper Bazaar last 2009.  I just love her so much.

Belated Happy Birthday Andy Lau

Here's an article on Andy Lau's 51st Birthday Celebration.  Now here's a nice article I found from Asianfanatics: (Source:
Andy Lau Tak Wa celebrates his 51st birthday today (September 27). Earlier his fan club celebrated in advance. The stage had the words "Fortune Like The East Sea" in the background. Wa Jai wore a red Chinese suit, his parents also attended and cut the birthday cake with him. Wa Jai said that at this birthday three wishes came true, including his invitation of the Hong Kong Paralympics fencing gold medalist Yu Chui-Yee and taking a photo with her; at the event, his "family" arranged for an exciting performance. Wa Jai praised their performance was concert quality; the audience's appreciation and respect already touched him very much; his "family" loving and caring for each other was his birthday wish.   Wa Jai earlier gue…

Liu Yi Fei Sweetly Naive Look

Here's a picture of Liu Yi Fei being sweetly naive.  I just love her expression here of childlike innocence mixed with her pretty face.  Well I'd really have my feelings here to the very end.  

Liu Yi Fei in the Assassins Premiere in Beijing, September 25, 2012

Here are some photos of Liu Yi Fei at Beijing for the Assassins Premiere.  If you ask me, she's red hot in here.  Careful though, she might break your limbs LOL!

My Thoughts of Kei Hosogai as Basco in Gokaiger


For A One Piece Live Adaptation, I'd Pick JUNYA IKEDA for the Lead Role!!!!

Okay first and foremost DO NOT think there will be a One Piece live version but if there happens to be one, I would really say Junya Ikeda otherwise known as Gai Ikari in Gokaiger would fit the lead role of...

The main character in One Piece, Monkey D' Luffy.  However I wish One Piece should get a finale like Gokaiger did.

Kenji Ohba with Gokaigers and Kei Hosogai

I don't know what event this is but it seems to be Kenji Ohba's birthday with the main cast of Gokaiger and Kei Hosogai.  Glad these guys got to meet one of my childhood favorites.

Liu Yi Fei for Cosmopolitan China

Here's some photos for Liu Yi Fei in Cosmopolitcan China that's making me say, "Leave a little love to me..."

Getting a bracelet fit 
Is that a gold ring on her finger? 
Quite a lovely pose even with a mean look...

Some Dramas with Tori Matsuzaka I May Want to Watch

Here are two TV dramas with Tori Matsuzaka I'd like to see...
Oneno Katani

Ume-Chan Sensei

The King and I- A reunion with his co-star Hiroki Aiba from Shinkenger.

Tori Matsuzaka in Kaito Royale

Tori Matsuzaka really looks cool in here in Kaito Royale.  So he's done with slashing Gedou, now he's going to do some real badass action.
Peace sign!  Not really... don't mess with this police officer...

 Tori Matsuzaka holding a gun while being near a hot chick (Aya Oomasa) is HOT!

My Most Recent Photo of Yutaka Hirose

Tokusatsu fans may recognize Yutaka Hirose for his roles as cruel villains such as his first role as Ley Wanda in Flashman, Dr. Kemp in Liveman, Tranza in Jetman, Jin in Dairanger, General Zander in Changerion and Shirakara in Kamen Rider Agito (episodes 49-50).  He had guest roles in Kamen Rider Black (to where he auditioned to be the protagonist Kotaro Minami), Tokkei Winspector and the in Solbrain.  As of late, he has put acting on hold, not caring much about current Tokusatsu (and I wish I could read what he wrote about Tokusatsu as of current) to hold a talent agency which I think is sweet.  Only if he could actually do some stunt coordination for Hong Kong films too.

Some Photos of Takeru Sato as Kenshin Himura

While I'm slightly disappointed that Tori Matsuzaka isn't the one acting as Kenshin Himura for the live Rurouni Kenshin film, however it's still a delight to see Takeru Sato do the role as he did his role in Kamen Rider Den-O as the main character pretty well. I wonder if Yasuko Kobayashi herself could do a live series of Rurouni Kenshin?  Hopefully she will while I hope she recovers from her burnout.

My closing thoughts maybe it's pretty much pun intended that he got chosen to be Kenshin... maybe while they might have not been able to get Tori Matsuzaka for the role, they got him maybe to pay tribute to Tori Matsuzaka's role as Shinken Red who was also named Takeru.  Then again, Takeru was also the name of Red Mask.  LOL!