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Sayaka Akimoto with Lea Salonga-Chien

So we have a picture of half-Pinay, half-Japanese talent Sayaka Akimoto with Lea Salonga-Chien.  Well a sudden stare you might think Lea Salonga is near the late actress Li Yu from China (who played as Fang Yu in Romance in the Rain) or Lovi Poe from the Philippines.

Kenji Ohba, CSToys and Power Rangers

Tokusatsu legend Kenji Ohba who was acting as Battle Kenya, Denzi Blue and Gavan as his three major roles and having been guest starring every now and then in newer shows, shows his endorsement of Power Rangers showing that for the last time to those close minded SUPER SENTAI PURISTS and POWER RANGERS PURISTS just how stupid and senseless their fan wars are.  Just a thought though, I hate to hear Power Rangers in Japanese and Super Sentai in English, imo they're better enjoyed at their own languages and subs provided to those who can't understand XP.

Maaya Uchida Pictures I Found as of August 29, 2013

Well here's more of Maaya Uchida, a floodful this time.  Hee hee, only in my delusions.
Dessert time.

Picnic time.

School girl mode.

Oh the sofa!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures I Found as of August 29, 2013

Here's more Liu Yi Fei Pictures I found, hee hee.
Drinking some hot tea, wish I was sharing it with her.

Well she's really stylish...


Rin Takanashi Picture I Found as of August 29, 2013

Here's a really lovely picture of Rin Takanashi showing simplicity is beauty.  I love her white clothes here and the elegance that his picture has.

Liu Yi Fei and Horseback Riding

Here's Liu Yi Fei and her horseback riding lessons.  I just thought that while I do seldom ride horses but I don't go for extreme stunts or horse racing myself.  I'm suddenly thinking of "Love in the Horizon" show with Zhen Xiu Zhen when I'm looking at this.

Liu Yi Fei Picture I Found as of August 28, 2013

Well here's a picture of Liu Yi Fei to what looks like her shopping.  She is very hot with her outfit here. XD

Rin Takanashi Photo I Found as of August 26, 2013

Here's a Rin Takanashi picture I found as of August 26, 2013.  Wow she really looks gorgeous here.

Liu Yi Fei's Birthday Pictures This Year

No big parties, no big deal.  Hee hee, I love having simple parties.  Hee hee, just love these pretty pictures of hers. =D

Happy 25th Birthday Liu Yi Fei

It's been some time since Liu Yi Fei graced the screens with her beauty, now she is 25 years old.  Well here's a post to greet her a happy birthday. =D

Erika Toda Pictures I Found as of August 24, 2013

Well not all of these are new but I love them... XD
Out there on a Sunny day with her...

This is so cute...

Seductive green...

Jackie Chan and Sock Designs

Well here's Jackie Chan's sock designs.  I just love these. XD

Mao Inoue Pictures I Found As of August 23, 2013

Well who knew that Tsurihime's child actress would be this gorgeous?  Hee hee.  Now for more...
I just love her outfit here...
I'd like a cup of coffee with her

Certified hotness...

RIP Chow Yam Nam AKA White Dragon King

Here are pictures of the death of the acting guru Chow Yam Nam whose remains are currently at the Thailand White Dragon King Temple.  RIP.

Vicki Zhao as Hua Mulan

Okay I may have wanted either Liu Yi Fei or somebody younger to be Mulan but Vicki Zhao looks really young in this production.  What do I think of her as Mulan?  While I think she looks "too hot" for the role and her eyes are "too huge", but she does a very good job as Mulan.

I thought her interaction with Chen Kun was pretty good.  I thought that she knew how to play each moment from awkward to serious rather well.  The chemistry between the two managed to create a scene more intense than those of Disney's Mulan.  For me, she really knew how to act when the situation called for it. I just love her performance at the battlefield.  It's no surprise she can carry out Hua Mulan so well considering she's been doing action films prior to this.  Definitely she knows how to carry any legendary Chinese heroine mythical or not to life.

Jackie Chan with Mark Wahlberg

Here's a picture of Jackie Chan with Mark Wahlberg.  Well I don't know much about Mark Wahlberg but enjoy. XD

Riho Takada Pictures I Found as of August 21, 2013

Well here's some more Riho Takada.  I didn't think I'd get bored at her cuteness.  Okay she's not all hot but still... ENJOY. XD

Mayuko Arisue Pictures I Found as of August 21, 2013

Subarashi!  Well here's Saban's ahem Kougami's secretary.  Here's some pictures I found for display here.  I've had a soft spot for her since OOO.
Endorsing a sweet looking luggage...

It's time for cooking with her.

Snacking down with her.

Rin Takanashi Picture I Found as of August 21, 2013

Well here's another Rin Takanashin her natural beauty photo.  Hmmm she does look like she's hiding or what?  Regardless she's a beauty by nature.

Jolin Tsai Picture I Found as of August 21, 2013

Here's a picture of Jolin Tsai in London where she was visited by her boyfriend Vivian Dawson and I wish she'll marry soon.  On the other hand, there's her and that delicious piece of meat... is that turkey?! XD

Liu Yi Fei Picture I Found as of August 19, 2013

Well here's hotness to hotness, Liu Yi Fei in pink.  I just love her styling here.

Congratulations to Alexander Wang for Joining Creative Artists Agency

Well here's Alexander Wang joining in Creative Artists Agency in Hollywood.  Well I'm so happy for him and he'll be starring in the Hollywood movie Annihilator by 2014. XD

Erika Toda Pictures I Found on August 16, 2013

Well here's a couple of Erika Toda pictures I found from Nao Kanzaki's blog though I'm not putting all of them, only those that really have eye candy value for me.  I would say they're pretty adorable.  Tomorrow is her birthday as well. XD

I just love how adorable she is.

Damn she's really sexy!

Erika Toda Pictures I Found as of September 16, 2013

Well here's more Erika Toda... hee hee!
I love her look here =P

Simplicity is beauty...

I'd love to have mangoes with her.

Erika Toda and Mini Stop's Soft Ice Cream

I don't find her as pretty as I used to but still, she is adorable.  Here's her sweetness.

Coffee with Rin Takanashi

I don't know what movie or J-Drama this is but she really looks pretty here.  I'd love to have coffee with her. XD