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Erina Nakayama Pictures for April 30, 2014

Still a loadful of cuteness from this prettier version of Reiko Chiba. =P
Baking time?

Jelly time!

She's a cute cover girl!

Maaya Uchida Pictures for April 30, 2014

It's a loadful of kawaii here!
So she became a hedgehog lol!

Peace sign!

She makes me thirsty!

Rin Takanashi Pictures for April 30, 2014

It's her and her bad cooking role in Shinkenger but it's better than eating pagpag

Endorsing Viewcard...

Liu Yi Fei for Garnier Pictures for April 29, 2014

Here's really Liu Yi Fei looking really hot in here for her Garnier Promo...

Congratulations to Barbie Xu For Giving Birth

Source of picture:
So here's Barbie Xu with her husband and baby daughter.  So pretty much, good thing she is now a mother.  Just my thought, will her baby look like her or her husband?  Congratulations anyway!

Some Classic Vanness Wu and Joanne Tzeng Pictures for April 25, 2014

So while I am under pending issues, I'll just share these pictures for fun.  These were from that super long Ti Amo Chocolate which I'll probably watch for the lovable girl in it... other than that it's too long!
Sweet chemistry!

Having fun with chocolates!  

Quite sweet!

Hmmmm I just thought if he and Joanne Tzeng can be paired, I wish I can see Jerry Yan and Esther Liu paired.

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for April 23, 2014

Well I haven't really entered into the busy phase yet but... here goes nothing!
Wow she looks mean here!

So pretty!

Serious mode!


Jerry Yan Toku Style!

Really I remembered when this classical picture of Jerry Yan fooled me into thinking this was a screenshot from Gaoranger!  GROWL!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for April 21, 2014

More Liu Yi Fei hotness.  I just thought she's really very pretty!  Sometimes she does kinda resemble a younger Brigitte Lin in some angles.

Liu Yi Fei at the Beijing International Film Festival

Hehe, I thought this is a real hot collection... and I love her white gown here.  

Maaya Uchida Pictures for April 21, 2014

Here's more Maaya Uchida pictures... for now...
Quite her cuteness...

So adorable during the press conference for the Holy Knight OVA

So cute!

She's a hot cover girl!

Maaya Uchida Pictures for April 20, 2014

Well here's a bonus from the Easter Bunny, hehehe!
How many people have a crush on her?

So sexy!

A beautiful banner!

So sweet!

The flowers sing of her!

Rin Takanashi Picture for April 18, 2014

She really looks gorgeous here with her new attire.  

Erina Nakayama Pictures for April 17, 2014

Here's more of Erina Nakayama pictures for today.  
Zyuranger!  Zyuranger!  Ptera Ranger Mei!  NOT!

I love her kimono here!

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures for April 17, 2014

Well aside from some Rin Takanashi pictures, well here's Sayaka Akimoto yet again.  Now for more.
Friendship power!

Thank you for choosing Japan Airlines!


Sayaka and other AKB48 members for Japan Airlines

Rin Takanashi Pictures for April 15, 2014

Well today is tax day but here's something for a relief... from her personal blog's pictures of course. =D

Another Great Classical Taiwanese Singer: Cai Qin

I haven't really known much of Cai Qin (she kinda looks like the the mother of President Nobita, the late Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino here) since my first Chinese music to listen to was F4 from their second album "Can't Lose You".  But no harm in backtracking right?  Aside from Teresa Teng, I did eventually fall in love with the music of Cai Qin and yeah, I hated to think her marriage went into a mess on 1995 and it ended.  Good thing she was strong despite that tragedy in her life.

Now I thought for Cai Qin, her voice is classic and I won't mind if she would sing any contemporary introduction.  Although I'm a bigger fan of the classical Koo Mei's version of "Bu Liao Qing" or "Love without End" but Cai Qin still does a splendid job in her singing.  So pretty much, I have only heard a few of Cai Qin's songs but I want to hear more of her songs due to her rich voice.  So really, if she really sang the theme song of "Last Night of …

Maaya Uchida Pictures for April 13, 2014

Pretty girl 
I so wanna eat strawberries with her 
 Pretty kitty
Bento time
I wish it was me