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Liu Yi Fei Outcast Autograph Signing

Oh I just love her gorgeous hair...
I wish I got her autograph...

Even at this angle, she is gorgeous!

Liu Yi Fei ZDorzi Pictures for September 30, 2014

Here's the banner for Monthy Promotions...
Hmmm when life was young....

Beauty by the nature...

Somehow getting in touch with nature slows down aging...

Sayaka Akimoto Endorses Aloebene on September 29, 2014

Well here's Sayaka Akimoto endorsing Aloebene, an Aloe Vera yogurt drink.  The drink itself may improve skin quality and melt away body fat.  Ms. Takako Sukano a dermatologist and plastic surgeon also was with her on stage.  Pictures were taken from here.
Getting ready...
Now she's very enthusiastic isn't she?
She's holding the product...

Liu Yi Fei ZDorzi 2014 Pictures for September 29, 2014

Well here's more Liu Yi Fei pictures for ZDorzi 2014.  I would really admit man is she really gorgeous in all these outfits.  I found the pictures at Xia Fei Xi Ying Liu Yi Fei fanpage.  Here are various coats and dresses that any interested female buyer may want to buy from Z'Dorzi.
I just love her pink sweater...
I love the green sweater and the floral effect at the background...

Oh what a gorgeous blue sweater...

Tori Matsuzaka Pictures for September 28, 2014

He's got that killer smile!
Killers smile in another way!

Looking badass and cool!

Classic Mika Katsumura Picture I Found as of September 28, 2014

Still so reminded of my ex-girlfriend...
What's she thinking about?

Oh my she is mad!

Blazing mad!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for September 28, 2014

Here's more Liu Yi Fei pictures for her promotion of Outcast, note this is a mixed bag!  Pictures taken from here.
I love that smile!
 Charming look!

What's she talking about?

Classic Kim Tae Hee Pictures for September 28, 2014

Unlike most Koreans, these pictures prove Kim Tae Hee's beauty is unique and natural....
Kim Tae Hee as a teenager...
I'm just reminded of one of my old love flames... who's now married...

Now this is the kind of sight to attract me the most!!!!

Natural, natural beauty...

Jerry Yan Pictures for September 27, 2014

Here's more pictures of Jerry Yan in Japan... to be honest I wish he had his short hair again.
He's calling out to fans...

Is he imitating the cat pose?

Jerry Yan for Japan Online

Here's Jerry Yan in Japan with his orange jacket.  He almost looks like an Anime character in these photos.  I got them from this Jerry Yan fanpage.  

Hiroki Aiba Pictures for September 26, 2014

Lollipop time!
Is that a corn dog?

What's he reciting?

Hiroki Aiba in His Variety Show "Aiba Gakuen"

So he has a career as a variety show host with his own show... to be honest, I was wishing he can get the Sentai alumni here.  Hehehehehe!!!!  Pictures taken from this Hiroki Aiba fanpage.
Funny nerd mode!
Is he relaxing after beating Gedoushu?

What's so funny?  Is he laughing at those FLIPFAG reporters getting chased off?

Stomachache from eating Mako's food?

Liu Yi Fei Outcast Promotion in Shanghai Pictures for September 26, 2014

Here's an event that happened yesterday on September 25, 2014.  I got the pictures here.  I just love her blue dress and its design here.

I just love her sweet smile...

I see myself falling into the Dark Side of the Force...

She's so sweet...

Jerry Yan Handshake Session in Japan on September 25, 2014

Here's Jerry Yan for the handshake session in Japan.  I would say he's gotten black his classic Anime look but seriously, I wish he will have his short hair again.  But he had to let that hair grow long for the Lupin III movie as Michael Lee.  But at least he's shaved.  Pictures gotten from here.

Liu Yi Fei at Theater Circuits for Outcast Propaganda Pictures for September 26, 2014

I'll just admit, gotta love them legs... =P
Nice legs...

A very gorgeous view of Liu Yi Fei...

Esther Liu for Brooks Running Shoes

Here's Esther Liu for Brooks Running Shoes.  I took the pictures from here which features an interesting article about Brooks itself.
Here's Brook's outfits for women.  I love the pink color of the blouse and rubber shoes and black jogging shorts.  Kind of reminds me... she is a prettier version of Sakura from Boukenger.  Hehehehehe.

Here's Esther Liu running in style which I really love.