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Tori Matsuzaka's Karate Skills!

Here are pictures courtesy of Stace Louise Farrell... woah I didn't realize Tori Matsuzaka had all THAT raw power.
Time to break it!

Liu Yi Fei for Trendshealth China December 2014

Well looks like I'll need to see a doctor.  My heart is definitely beating fast because of this girl.  Hehehehehe!!!!
This is a very explosive cover!
She's really so sweet!!!

Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho Kumho Tire Pictures for November 26, 2014

Here's more Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho for Kumho Tires pictures for today.  Enjoy!
Liu Yi Fei is looking pretty in that coat!
Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho look good together... or not...

Belated Happy 32nd Birthday Charlene Choi

Although I'm not such a huge fan of Charlene Choi but I still find her happy, even after her failed marriage.  On the other hand, fans donated 2,000 kilograms of rice instead of presents.  She gave the rice to charity.  Indeed a very good act for her to do to help others.
She's very thankful to her fans.
Still as cute as ever!

More Pictures of Rin Takanashi at Passo Cafe in Tokyo Sacas for November 22, 2014

Here's more pictures of Rin Takanashi at Passo Cafe in Tokyo Sacas,  A previous set is available here.
Yup it's obvious she's tired and she needs a break... and I'm reminded of the time my love interest got tired studying to be a lawyer.
She's trying to look her cool even if she knows fanboys  are around...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for November 24, 201

Well more of the contemporary but classic looking Chinese beauty, Liu Yi Fei!
 She is indeed a pretty flower!

I just love that look!

Liu Yi Fei for SELF's December 2014 Issue

It's no doubt Liu Yi Fei is really a jade girl for the Chinese entertainment industry.  In one way or another, she is really very appealing here.  Pictures were selected from Liu Yi Fei Taiwans Fans Club.
All is Well... indeed All is Well because of her...
She has gotten her fresh look!
She is really gorgeous in this photo!

What I Disliked About Nao Nagasawa's Guest Role in Kamen Rider W

Nao Nagasawa is one of my favorite Japanese actresses and I like her for being a kickass lady.  There was one guest role she did that made me facepalm for its duration, it was her role as Lily Shirogane in Kamen Rider W.  Why was that?  I'll talk about how it felt like really, REALLY stupid for me.  Remember this is just my opinion, it's not fact.

What did I think went wrong during Nao Nagasawa's time in Kamen Rider W.  For almost the entire time, she looked like she was a STRIPPER.  I would admit that it's very hard not to get distracted by her costume, her legs and almost everything about her for two episodes.  It just felt like as if her role was just eye candy for most of it which for me was very, very annoying than amusing since this is Tokusatsu, not an eye candy video.  I was totally annoyed how Shotaro was played the idiot trying to kiss Lily.  I would admit I might make the same mistake as he did.  On the other hand, there's that short teasing her charact…

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for November 23, 2014

Just a couple of Liu Yi Fei pictures to brighten up my day.
I just love her natural, charming smile.

Man is she really so pretty!

Pictures I Found of Sayaka Akimoto in the Philippines for November 23, 2014

Here's a previous set of Sayaka Akimoto pictures in the Philippines.  Now here's the current one.
Sayaka Akimoto posing with the lechon...
 She's having some shopping in Cebu...

So she's taking a tour at the piers of Cebu...

My Reaction to Tetsuo Kurata Resuming His Iconic Role of Kotaro Minami in Contemporary Kamen Rider Movies and Series

Tetsuo Kurata who currently owns Billy the Kid steakhouse is indeed confirmed to resume his role as Kotaro Minami in a Kamen Rider movie this April 2015.  It just made me think of these instances he did a favor for the fans:
When he returned to play as two versions of Kotaro Minami in Decade (Black and Black RX), man was I so pleased.  I mean, who wouldn't want their childhood relived in this way?  Seeing Black and Black RX as my only two Kamen Riders as a child, seeing him relive his character in Heisei Era is a great fanservice.  Even if Kamen Rider Decade took place with alternate realities, having Tetsuo Kurata play as A.R. Black and A.R. Black RX always takes me back to memory lane.  I know Kamen Rider Decade IS really a disaster 
It addressed me the issue, "Aren't we Kamen Rider Black fans all adults now?  I'm going 30 next year and that's the year Tetsuo Kurata will reprise his role.  So what's my thought?  He still cherishes his role as Kotaro Minami,…

Rin Takanashi at Passo Cafe in Tokyo Sacas

Well looks like Rin Takanashi is stressed and needs a break... or is her make-up gone wrong here?  Anyway, I'm glad she is here to taste the shaved ice.  Coincidentally, my other friend who looks like her also had a shaved ice trip.
Well here's a more natural angle of her... but it reminds me of some of Amy Jo Johnson's "stressed out" pictures.
Hmmm she must be wary of stalkers so she's going into scary mode...

Pictures of Liu Yi Fei at China Gold's 8th Anniversary in Beijing

Here's Liu Yi Fei for China Gold Jewelry... and as of this time, I'll try to minimize the flooding of pictures as much as possible to select only the best pictures if that's okay.
 She's really a dainty princess...

She really has her charm...

The beauty of China...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for November 15, 2014

Well here's hailing to Chinese beauty and hoping to stop the abortion of unborn Chinese girls... just look at what could have been lost!
The fact she's holding a book makes her more attractive!
She's really a dazzling beauty!
 Pretty pretty China girl!

Pictures of Nao Nagasawa as Lily Shirogane in Kamen Rider W as of November 15, 2014

Here's some of the "magical" moment of Nao Nagasawa as Lily Shirogane.  Although I would admit I find those two episodes pretty stupid, I'd still display them here.  So yeah, I'll send a lot of darkness into the Shadow Line and despair into the Sanzu River.  Hehehehehehe!
Nao that is really magic!

Magic spell time with Nao Nagasawa.

 Nao that's a trick!

Pictures of Tetsuo Kurata's Billy the Kid Steakhouse on the Inside! (For November 15, 2014)

I have previously featured Tetsuo Kurata as the entrepreneur behind "Billy the Kid Steakhouse", now I would feature what's inside it.  It's found the Dedicated to Black Facebook fanpage.  It is located Koto-ku, Tokyo, Japan and man I do want to eat there.  I would like to also plan to go to Japan and be able to eat there and relive my childhood.
Hmmm I wish I had those as a kid...
I would admit that the interior looks very much like a cowboy rodeo, true to its name but at the same time, keeps the memory of Tetsuo Kurata's role as Kotaro Minami much alive!

Akito Osugi and Naoto Ota at Michiko Makino's Tsukudani Store!

Well it was something to see Sumiko Tanaka and Ryotaro Sakamoto with these guys in other events. I'm kind of glad to see my favorite Bioman namely Akito Osugi with Naoto Ota here.  This is where Michiko Makino at the center with the two of them for old time... doing... the Bioman Henshin pose.  Hmmm I wonder if I can get to eat tsukudani with these guys?

Yukari Taki Pictures for November 14, 2014

Here's some pretty Yukari Tani pictures for today.

 Quite a beauty!

She's so sweet!

Time to go grocery shopping with her!

Pictures of Yukari Taki as Itsuki Kawai in the Space Sheriff Gavan Movie

Here's Japanese beauty Yukari Taki who starred as Itsuki Kawai from the Space Sheriff Gavan Movie.  The pictures were taken from here.
Really pretty smile!
 The galaxy is going wild!

Pictures of Erina Nakayama as Mayu in Kamen Rider Wizard for November 13, 2014

Here's some cute Erina Nakayama pictures for today... and she's acting as Mayu here!
Be ready... ready or not here I come!

 She's got that cute stare!

Oh my!  I'd be afraid to face her!  XD

Pictures of Liu Yi Fei Promoting "For Love or Money" at Kunming for November 13, 2014

Here's some Liu Yi Fei pictures from Liu Yi Fei Taiwan's Fan Club selected from here.  From her formal pictures, here's a little more ragged picture and some black & white pictures making her look like a classic beauty.
I just love that smile!
She's warm to her fans!

Wishful Thinking: Erina Nakayama Cosplaying as Rishiya Princess Mei in Zyuranger!

Somehow I wish she were using an archery set here!

Looking at Erina Nakayama in Kamen Rider Wizard, I was struck with lightning saying, "Woah!  She really DOES look like a younger version of Mei in Zyuranger!"  Then I thought of this...

She should cosplay as Mei in Zyuranger in any upcoming Tokusatsu event... complete with the bow and arrow for the costume!

Like just take a look at the similarity: