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Suzy Bae at the Incheon Airport

Due to her resemblance to Japanese actress Maaya Uchida, I still can't resist saying, "ZU-CUNE!" to her.  Here's her looking simple but she is very noticeable.  
She is noticeable... too noticeable...

I love her smile...

Pictures of Yukari Taki Endorsing Choya

I haven't tasted this drink yet (hopefully I will) and here's one of its endorsers, Yukari Taki.
I just love that moe mode of hers...


Pretty in green!

Yukari Taki Pictures for January 27, 2015

Here's some lovely Yukari Taki pictures for today... 
Wow she is really cute in this picture...

I'd love to go travelling with her...

Suzy Bae Endorses Nescafe

Well here's more Suzy Bae for you... with her Nescafe promotion which I downloaded from here.
Love that smile...

Is she deluding?

Getting to Know Suzy Bae!

Here's Suzy Bae who's currently 20 years old going 21 this October 10, 2015.  I would say I am pretty startled... SHE DOES LOOK LIKE MAAYA UCHIDA!  Hehehehehehe!
For a minute, I want to say Z-Cune!

Korean delusion!!!!

Maaya Uchida at Animax Cafe

No doubt she's really adorable and my delusions are sky high...
I just love her smile!

Oh the delusions!  The delusions!

Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho Kumho Tires Pictures for January 22, 2015

Here's more of Liu Yi Fei and Lee Min Ho for Kumho Tires.  Enjoy!
I am in love with the white model...
It's really autumn inspired...

Martial arts time!

Liu Yi Fei Kumho Tires Pictures for January 22, 2014

Here's some Liu Yi Fei Kumho Tires pictures courtesy of Liu Yifei Taiwans Fans Club.
She's stolen a lot of hearts...
Wowee... she's hot.

She makes the heart beat so fast...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for January 22, 2015

She's rocking my world!

Hot in red!

Erina Nakayama Pictures for January 21, 2015

Well it's time for more cute Erina Nakayama pictures...
Four times the kawaii...
Wow she's feeling bad...

Now I'm about to turn to stone...

Jay Chou's Pre-Nuptial Pictures

Here are pictures of 35 years old Jay Chou with his 21 year old wife Hannah Quinvilan for their pre-nuptial pictures.  Looks like I should learn to wait for the right woman.  Pictures take from here.
I love the lake scenario here... 
A royalty view indeed...

Looks like age doesn't matter huh?

Tori Matsuzaka's Struggles During His Days as Takeru Shiba/Shinken Red

Tori Matsuzaka's Shinkenger days were a real struggle.  Apparently, Toei doesn't pay much for newbies and as said, "Everything starts off as difficult before it's easy." and this is true for our red ranger.

He reveals that he "lived on water" at the Bananaman no Ketsudan wa Kinyoubi! variety show that he drank more water than usual.  This was done so he will fill full while carrying out the demanding task of being the show's pragonist.  Post Shinkenger, he was shot into stardom and has become one of the most popular actors.

So what's his current dinner?  He finally reveals he usually has beef ramen and rice.  It's a stark contrast to his earlier days when he's struggling.  Hmmm why am I tempted to believe those days were meant to lure out his "Aura Power"?

My reaction is that he really persevered.  Stardom should not be considered as an easy way out.  In fact, being a star is a demanding task.  He has displayed the attitude o…

Congratulations to Jay Chow and Hannah Quinlivan

Here's 36 year old Jay Chou with 21 year old Hannah Quinlivan which makes a total of 15 years difference.  The wedding ceremony was held in England. 
Hmmm I hope I can get married soon but not to a girl that young... or maybe I would.  Who knows.

Rin Takanashi Picture for January 14, 2014

Here's Rin Takanashi with a really lovely Kimono from her personal blog...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for January 11, 2015

Stunningly gorgeous is all I can say to this... 
Cat mode!
Alluring beauty...

 A beauty out there in the cold...

Pictures of Rin Takanashi at the Princess Nurse Event for January 11, 2015

Here's more Rin Takanashi's picture as a nurse... HELLO NURSE!
Gotta love those legs...

 Wow she's really hot...

Looks like she is wary of stalkers...

Sayaka Akimoto Plays as a Female Firefighter in "Orange"

In the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, the stage "ORANGE" depicts the struggle and conflict of firefighters fought in the life of the forefront, it is visualized in milestone of 20 years from the earthquake, special drama "ORANGE ~ 1.17".  The story of the deadly fought souls of firefighters (TBS system 21:00 to 23:09) will be broadcast in January 19.  Sayaka Akimoto, the actress in the original AKB48 will play a female firefighter role.
Playing the role of a female firefighter, Yukimura Hana-yaku aimed at mission rescue team is Sayaka Akimoto
The Hanshin Awaji Earthquake at that time, actually the stage that has been created by  more than 100 people firefighters interviewed who hit the rescue in the same drama that in draft, Akimoto is enthusiastically a firefighter and Yukimura Hana-yaku of Iwate Prefecture Morioka Fire.  In response to the rigorous training in excellent Kobe fire in crisis management, it is decided that trying Mochikaero to local in-character c…

Jaycee Chan's Sentence Reduced to Six Months!

This is quote good news.  Jaycee Chan was supposedly sentenced to three years but thanks to him being cooperative.... he will only get six months in jail.   This is really something to be happy about.

So what's with Jaycee Chan?  He pleaded guilty, he took responsibility, he paid for the fine.  He voluntarily pleaded guilty to evidence that can no longer be denied.  He took unto himself saying that he deserved the punishment.  Hopefully, he will learn his lesson.


GMA News

Pictures of Liu Yi Fei at Jiangmen as of January 9, 2015

Here's more of the gorgeous Liu Yi Fei I selected from here.  Previous pictures can be found here.
Wow's she's gorgeous...
She looks really startled!

Rin Takanashi Pictures for January 8, 2015

It's time for some Rin Takanashi photos.  Enjoy!
Rin Takanashi with a group of friends...
Well some fanboys got themselves injured today and you know why!

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures For January 8, 2015

Well after beating monsters and now she's part of Couple's Kitchen, time for some Sayaka Akimoto eye candy.
She's really pretty here!

She's a real doll!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures for January 8, 2015

Here's some Liu Yi Fei pictures to help me recover... hehehehehe!
Wow she is really dazzling in here... a beauty by the streets!

What is she thinking on that carousel?