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Barbeque With Maaya Uchida!

Well Zu-Cune and get some barbeque!
Cutey barbeque!
She's having a good time... are those marshmallows?

My Personal Opinion on Erina Nakayama's and Reiko Chiba's Cute Girl Approach For Television!

When I first saw Kamen Rider Wizard, I always thought that WTF.... Erina Nakayama looks like Reiko Chiba (see picture above).  While I'm not a huge fan of Mei in Zyuranger but I took a better liking to Erina.  Both actresses were 17 years old when they were cast in their roles.  Reiko Chiba was Mei, Erina Nakayama acted as Medusa and Mayu in Kamen Rider Wizard.

I could talk about Reiko Chiba as Mei.  It's funny how I like Zyuranger more but couldn't warm up to her as much as you know my extreme favoritism for Kimberly in MMPR over Mei right?  As a person who doesn't like cuties as much as hotties, I felt like her squeaky, high pitched voice wasn't something that appealing to me.  Some people find it appealing but personally, I don't find her all that appealing.  I felt like her acting wasn't really that good compared to Amy Jo Johnson as Kimberly.  Again, it's my extreme favoritism at work so remember that!

On the other hand, I think Erina Nakayama her…

Suzy Bae Pictures For June 29, 2015

Time for Korean ZU-CUNE!!!!!
It's time for a refreshing juice drink...

She looks pretty in blue!

Cyndi Wang Pictures For June 25, 2015

She's got that cute dog!
Pasta time!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For June 24, 2015

Liu Yi Fei and her auntie...
 Okay sign...

Erina Nakayama Pictures For June 24, 2015

Well it's time for cutesy cute with Erina Nakayama...

Shopping with Erina!

Taste the power of my ring!

Donnie Yen and Cissy Wang On ""The One International Humanitarian Award 2015" Last Night

Here's Donnie Yen and his wife Cissy Wang-Yen at the "The One International Humanitarian Award 2015".  Both of them are looking good!  Though Donnie Yen had a filming mishap that required him some stitches but he's still pretty fine!
Posing at the hallway?
It's time to pose on stage!

Rio Uchida Pictures For June 24, 2015

It's time to get your DRIVE ON!
It's time for a... strawberry slushie?
Double peace sigh!

Oh no she's hugging an evil raccoon!  It might just kill her!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For June 22, 2015

Here's Liu Yi Fei with stills for Third Way into Love...
A beauty riding the bus...
A beauty by the airport...

A beauty of a sexytary...

Pictures of Suzy for Nescafe for June 22, 2015

Well what do I have to say?  She... is... adorable!  Zu-Cune!  Oops!  Wrong how! =P
Adorable cappucino!
It's a nice time to go the beach huh?

Happy happy Zu-CUNE!!!!!

Maaya Uchida Pictures For June 20, 2015

Kitty cute!
Dozing into Delusion World...

She's back to reality with her friends! =)

Alexander Wang Celebrates Dragon Boat Festival... With That Tasty Sticky Rice Dumpling!

Oh boy, man I forgot it was Dragon Boat Festival!  Well here's Alexander Wang with his tasty meal of a sticky rice dumpling.  Picture was taken from his Facebook fan page.

Nao Nagasawa's Blue Ranger Tribute Shirt!

Well as I said, it would be nice if she were my older sister which is too bad, she's an older sister I'll never have.  Nice to know she's got this nice shirt though!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For June 17, 2015

It's time for some charming Liu Yi Fei pics...
I'd love to meet a pretty girl in a research enter...

Oh so pretty!

She's the star of the evening!

Maaya Uchida Pictures For June 11, 2015

So much for Suzy Bae pictures, now it's time for Maaya Uchida!  Delusion time!
So cute!  So adorable!
It's time to eat a cake in my delusions...

Suzy Bae Pictures For June 11, 2015

Summer is hot but Suzy is hotter...
Oh wow!!!!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For June 11, 2015

It's time for China's jade girl again...

Classic movie style...

She's dressed up like classic Brigitte Lin...

Yukari Taki Pictures For June 10, 2015

It's time for some cute Yukari Taki pictures for today...
She's the prettiest one in here...

Time to drink some juice...

Sayaka Akimoto At The Chocolate Hills Last September 9, 2014

Here's pictures of Sayaka Akimoto at the Chocolate Hills before it was damaged by the earthquake last October 15, 2014.
Wow that's a tightrope with Mariko Shinoda...
Time for a lovely scenery picture...
Time to be with the tarsiers...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For June 9, 2015

Well it's time for me Liu Yi Fei pictures for "Look" and she's posing quite cutely...
Wow what a stare!
Really very stunning!

Vanness Wu and Vic Chou Photo For June 8, 2015

Well it's time for  another photo of my two favorite F4 members, Vanness Wu and Vic Chou to get a pose together... 

Liu Yi Fei Is A Sweet Cherry Blossom

Here's some pictures of Liu Yi Fei for her latest promotion...
 She's noticed something is off...

She's sniffing the flowers...

What's she suspicious about?