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Riho Takada Pictures For August 29, 2015

She's eating some oden isn't she?
Well I wish I can also have some of that food!

SNH48 Team SII Member Qin Xin Yi

Here's SHN member Qin Xin Yi and she's also a cutie herself... so sad a lot of Chinese did not 
A smiling beauty by the city...
Gotta love that pose...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For August 28, 2015

Gotta love them legs...

Oh this is so hot...

Esther Liu At The Children Of The Sun Premiere

Here's Esther Liu at the premiere of "Children of the Sun" looking as adorable as ever...
She is really gorgeous...

Any pervert would want to kiss her...

Jolin Tsai In Greece

Here's Jolin Tsai in Greece for a tour... pictures taken from here.
Enjoying the sun with her companions...
Gotta love that view she's enjoying!

Yukari Taki Meets The Cast Of Ultraman X!

Well here's Yukari Taki meeting the cast of Ultraman X...
Well looks liek it's time for another season...
Oh no... it's Koichi Sakamato.  Looks like he's going to film another porn film!

Ginga S and Ultraman X cast with their smiles...

Liu Yi Fei's 28th Birthday And That Cake!

Well it's time for this Brigitte Lin look-alike to celebrate...
It's time to slice the cake!
It's time to make that wish!

Esther Liu And Them Fancy Shoes

Here's Esther Liu wearing some fancy shoes.... pictures were taken from here.
Nice legs...

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For August 25, 2015, Her Birthday

Well it's time for some Liu Yi Fei pictures and...
Well she does look like Brigitte Lin in here...

I felt like I've seen this shot before...

Yukari Taki And That Ice Cream!

From Yukari Tak's blog, here's here with that ice cream...
Man, I miss eating that kind of ice cream!

She is just so cute!!!!

She's selecting the flavors now....

My Imaginary "Onee-San" (Older Sister) Nao Nagasawa

What was funny was although I watched Super Sentai again because I was attracted to Ayumi Kinoshita's and Nao Nagasawa's appearance but I soon ended up imagining one of them as my big sisters. In the case of Nao, I really wanted to imagine her as a big sister that I'll never have and in extension her husband and her son will be the the brother-in-law and nephew I'll never have.

Now I haven't seen much of Hurricanger but I'll admit her fight scenes are impressive whenever I see them, so I am not surprised she's also done some really badass stunts. I just imagined that what if she was family instead of just an actress I admire for her ability? I would always think of her as a sister, the sister I'll never have.

I guess watching Meteor Garden and seeing the late Mary Hsu acting as Tsubaki Doumyouji (Dao Ming Zhuang) made me imagine Nao Nagasawa as the actress fit to play the role and two, she would make that badass older sister. When I saw her guest role …

Suzy Bae Pictures For Augsut 23, 2015

Well here's more Suzy Bae pictures for Beanpole Accessories...
Oh she's got nice legs!

Is she deluding?

Vic Chou's Girlfriend Reen Yu

Well I didn't realize she was that woman working as a waitress in "Black and White"... if you ask me, she does resemble Vicki Zhao in some way.  She's also two years my junior making her six years younger than her boyfriend.
I just love that smile...
She does resemble Vicki Zhao in here...

Suzy Bae Pictures For August 21, 2015

Well it's time for cute Suzy!!!!!
Gotta love that look!

Oh wow!!!!!

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For August 20, 2015

Gotta love that figure...
It's time for her cactus collection

Brigitte Lin's Ancient Attires Make Me Say, "Liu Yi Fei Is That You?!"

Looking at these pictures of Brigitte Lin in the Wuxia movie called "The Dream of the Red Chamber", I really am tempted to say, "Xiao Long Nu is that you?" because of certain resemblances she has with Chinese actress Liu Yi Fei.
As said, she should play as Liu Yi Fei's mother...
Well there is that resemblance with Liu Yi Fei...

Liu Yi Fei At Record Day-Up Last August 12, 2015

Well she was here with her just recently dated boyfriend Song Seung Hun.  Looking at these pictures, I am also reminded of the time I was in love with a girl who resembled her and never had.
At this angle, she would resemble Brigitte Lin 
Nah there's really some differences between her and Brigitte Lin...

Erina Nakayama Pictures For August 17, 2015

It's time to cast a spell on you!
A pretty sideview...
Hmmm is she texting the Zyurangers?

Maaya Uchida Pictures for August 17, 2015

ZU-CUNE!  Funny I'd be posting these after some Suzy Bae pictures!
The darling cutie with her Anime roles...


Esther Liu Picture For August 17, 2015

Well it looks like she's in a good mood while she's filming... and I just love that smile of hers!

Vic Chou At Men's Uno Last August 14, 2015

Here's Vic Chou at Men's Uno last August 14, 2015.  Pictures were selected from here.
With a lucky fangirl...
Single confidence...

Pictures Of Suzy Bae For Roem For August 17, 2015

Here's some pictures of Suzy Bae which I found here.  I just love the blue dress she's wearing here.
Hmmm nice post...
Gotta love that smile...

Pictures of Barbie Xu Wang And Her Daughter Wang Hsi Yueh For August 13, 2015

The daughter is really a split image of her mother... 
We have a real Xiao S now....

A happy family indeed...

Rio Uchida Pictures For August 13, 2015

Peace sign!
Getting the Drive with Betty Boop! 

Emi Takei Pictures For August 13, 2015

Sexy and nerdy!
She's got that DJ Look!