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Liu Yi Fei Pictures For September 29, 2015

Here's some Liu Yi Fei pictures for today...
Liu Yi Fei at Beijing promoting her latest movie...

Drinking Starbucks With Yukari Taki!

Well here's Yukari Taki drinking some delicious Starbucks.
She's staring blankly into nowhere....
Her disguise can't hide her cuteness....

Yukari Taki And Her Friends Spending Their Day Out

Well it's time for kawaii mania yet again....
Is that Disneyland?
She's got that lovely smile...

Cyndi Wang And Them Watermelon Moon Cakes!

Here's some delicious watermelon moon cakes...
Well those look yummy!

Jolin Tsai And That Banana!

Well Jolin Tsai's in yellow and she's got that banana...

Suzy Bae Pictures For September 26, 2015

Well looks can be deceiving and again, she does look like Maaya Uchida here... 
Heart to heart...

Fumika Baba AKA Medic

While watching Kamen Rider Drive, she didn't immediately catch my attention until Medic's human template showed up... now for more... 
Watermelon time!

Liu Yi Fei At The Charity Bazaar On September 23, 2015

Well, it's difficult to deny in her recent fashion especially in this dress (which I feel, I think Brigitte Lin wore one of these), she almost looks like she's a modern version of Brigitte Lin. Pictures were taken from here.
I just love that side view.

Tori Matsuzaka To Star In The New Drama Called "Siren"

The popular yarn summer Interpol comic of Yamazaki called "Siren" is also a real drama version of "Siren Criminal x Biv x Entirely Evil". There was more additional information published about the actor. Among them, Xu Cai Cai starred in this drama mastering the key clues to the mysterious beautiful orange KARA.

Tori Matsuzaka starred in the drama version of "Siren" drama as an additional new actor.

Rin Takanashi Stars In Mon No. 9 Drama, Reveals The Beauty Of The Audition Of English Lecturers!

The actress Rin Takanashi was at the production announcement press conference held in Tokyo's Odaiba Hotel Nikko which was held on the month of September 20 for the Tokyo 9 drama called "5 → 9 ~ Monk - Which Fell in Love with Me," starring Satomi Ishihara, Yamashita Tomohisa, Yuki Furukawa, Nagatsuma Rei Hisashi, Mokomichi Hayami, Anne Nakamura and the child actor Terada.
Fuji TV drama series of the Aihara from "5:00 to 9:00" is based on Jitsu Takashi's popular manga. And the English lecturer Junko that the maximum life of Mote was visited on the verge of the 29-year-old's birthday, it's a love comedy that depicts the quirky romance pattern of  the Twink monk-Takamine of highly education, tall-height and high income.  Among them, Takanashi the colleague of Junko who played Ishihara, impersonates the preeminent style of beauty of the English lecturer Yamafuchi's auditors of a hundred pictures.

Joanne Tzeng Out For Some Steak

Man looking at this picture, I already miss having steak and fries...

SNH48 Model Wu Zhe Han

Here's Chinese model Wu Zhe Han, one of SNH4's members from Team SII. I would admit she is pretty cute. Pictures were taken from here.
I just love how the flowers blend in so beautifully...

SNH48's Zhang Xin In Basketball Attire

Here's SNH48's cutie member Zhang Xin in her cute basketball attire... all pictures were taken from here.
She's got that pretty smile!

Pictures Of Suzy Bae For Elle Magazine October Issue

Well this is next month but... I admit I am getting warmed up to Delusion World... again, why do I keep saying that?!
I just love that dress...

Liu Yi Fei Eating Cowboy Style!

Well looking at this picture, I'm just reminded of my long-lost "love" for a girl who looks like her...

Yukari Taki Pictures For September 22, 2015

It's time for the adorable Yukari Taki...
Oh my! She looks like she's going to do R-18!

Vic Chou And Happy World Peace Day!

Well Happy World Peace Day everyone!!!!
What a lucky fan!!!!

Peace!  Peace!  Peace!

Joanne Tzeng And That Dessert!

Kawaii!!!!!  Well it's time for some pastry and strawberries with this cute girl.

Suzy Bae Picture For September 20, 2015

Well here's Maaya Uchida ahem Suzy Bae for Star N... hehehehehe!!!!

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures For September 19, 2015

Well it's time for Sayaka Akimoto pictures which are from her Twitter.
She's having fun with the dogs...

Yukari Taki Pictures For September 18, 2015

Well it's time for of the Ultra-Babe Yukari Taki...
Well it's hugging with a stunt double...

Classic Brigitte Lin Pictures For September 18, 2015

Well again, you know the cue, "Liu Yi Fei is that you?!" XD
She's got that pretty charm....

Classic Joan Lin Chan Pictures For September 18, 2015

Here's some classic Joan Lin pictures for today....
That really has a great smile...

She's got that charm....

Joanne Tzeng In London

Here's the cute Joanne Tzeng having her trip to London... hmmmm too bad I haven't been there yet!
Hmmm are those potato chips and some fish? 

Suzy Bae's Pictures At Incheon Airport Ready To Fly To Manila

Well here's Suzy Bae at Incheon Airport preparing to go to Manila... I hope she's not mauled by leftists.  
Waving at her fans...

Esther Liu Pictures For September 15, 2015

Here's some pretty pictures of Esther Liu for today....
It's a scenic, classic view...

Pictures Of Liu Yi Fei Lifestyle Magazine For September 14, 2015

Here's some Liu Yi Fei pictures I found from here.
Really lovely!

Super Sentai Senior Cast Pictures For September 14, 2015

Well here's some rather random pictures I found from this Facebook fanpage.
It's time for some food!  Kazunori Inaba is with his wife.
Hmmm so much nostalgia here... especially with Kenji Ohba and Michiko Makino.

Michiko Makino Pictures For September 14, 2015

It's time for some nostalgia... with Michiko Makino.  Gotta admit, she's aged gracefully... with her husband while her two sons are growing up.  Only if I can taste some of her tsukudani.
Is she with all her satisfied customers?
Oh my!  I wish I can sample all her wares! *Gets money* 3:)

Joanne Tzeng And That Portrait!

Well it's time to get some of her kawaiiness!!!  KAWAII!!!!!!!!

Meet And Greet Suzy Bae At SM North EDSA Skydome

Well here's Suzy Bae as the ambassador for PHABulous ands he's going to be in SM North EDSA Skydome.. hmmmm... I guess it's time for a lot of Filipinos to skip work or school as if she knew them.  Hehehehehehe.

Yukari Taki Pictures For September 13, 2014

It's time for some cute Yukari Taki pictures =)
Feeling sad Yukari?

What's she thinking about?

Esther Liu Endorsing Nana In Tokimeki Power

Well here's Esther Liu endorsing a Japanese brand, anybody could mistaken her for a Japanese if they don't know her...

Joanne Tzeng And That Tasty Lobster!

Okay I'm not really a lobster eater but that lobsterlooks tasty... YUMMY!!!!!

Suzy Bae And That Hi-Mart Kimchi!!!!!

Well it's time for the kimchi that sends you to the Korean version of Delu-World!!!!! 
The three delightful poses while eating some kimchi...

Watch Out! Rio Uchida's Gonna Do Chainsaw Massacre!!!!!

Well I've learned from my comrades in JEFusion that Rio Uchida would star in Chimamire Sukeban Chainsaw... wow, this is something you can't have in Tokusatsu violence, can you?  Now for some selected pictures...
Well too bad Shinnosuke never got that chainsaw to cut Banno into pieces! 

Kenichi Endo Goes Full Ham With Pizza Black!

Here's Kenichi Endo dancing two Pizza Black dances.  Try looking at these dances.
Here's the first one where disco dancing is done... if this does not amuse you then...

The other is the Pizza Black dance for the summer which I think is also very funny ...  

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For September 11, 2015

Well it's CUTIE TIME!!!!!
Joanne Tzeng riding the train....

Esther Liu Pictures For September 9, 2015

Well it's time for Esther Liu's pictures again...
Having a funny pose with comedian Amanda Liu...

Suzy Bae Endorses Roem Fashion

Here's some pictures of Suzy Bae for Roem... so kawaii!!!!
She's really the cutest flower here!


Remembering Kenichi Endo's Appearances In Tokusatsu

Well here's Kenichi Endo who goes from playing hammy roles to doing other serious roles.  But somehow, I still can't get over these hammy appearances.  Moving on...

The first time I remembered him was that super hammy guest role he had in Janperson as Dr. Saonji who worked for Super Science Network.  I couldn't forget his role as that wacky bio-engineer who duplicated Machine Gun Joe's cells, replicated them on Janperson's appearance and went full ham.  For that guest role, I always can't help but laugh at the way his character's plan backfired on his face... literally.

Joanne Tzeng And That Delicious Juice Drink!

Here's cute Joanne Tzeng with her delicious juice drink... cheers!

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For September 5, 2015

It's time for Joanne Tzeng pictures again... cute time!
She looks worried!