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Rin Takanashi And That Delicious Soup

Is that Korean beef soup by any chance? Honestly, I wish I had some servings of that kind of beef soup right now. =P

Sayaka Akimoto Picture For December 31, 2015

Well she's looking really pretty here. 

Yukari Taki Pictures For December 31, 2015

As the year ends, it's time for kawaiiness. 
Well it's time for sweet Yukari Taki
Is she really having a good time

 Gotta love that smile, I hope Suckamoto doesn't ruin her.

Rina Aizawa And Rio Uchida Picture For December 31, 2015

Well it's nice to have both past and present meet to do some hyperdrive on the engines.

Soon To Be Super Sentai Hottie, Haruka Tateishi

While looking at the Zyuohger cast, I'll admit that she's kinda pretty. She will be playing as  Amu or Zyuoh Tiger. She's born on September 28, 1994 and her height is 5'5. So far, she's been involved in modeling 
She does look like Taiwanese actress Tammy Chen

Happy Holidays From The Ninninger Cast

Well it's time for the Ninninger cast to celebrate and just in time for Kasumi Yamaya's birthday today...
It's time for some sweets...

Season's Greetings From Liu Yi Fei

Well it's time for season's greetings from Liu Yi Fei... though I wish she'd do a photoshoot with Brigitte Lin as a "mom"/"daughter" tandem...

Happy Holidays From Maaya Uchida

Gotta admit, I wish I had a slice of the Christmas cake and chocolate pudding.. =P
Happy happy pudding time...
Well I can't decide which one I want first...

Season's Greetings From Joanne Tzeng

Well here she is with some poinsettia flowers...

Season's Greetings From Suzy Bae

Well here's Suzy Bae wishing you Happy Holidays =)

Esther Liu Pictures For The Holidays

Happy Holidays... Esther Liu's here to make it bright...
I just love her maroon dress...

Esther Liu Pictures For December 22, 2015

Here's Esther Liu where she's now starring in the TV drama, 30 something.
She's looking pretty furious.

Who is she talking to?

Liu Yi Fei At Dior Beijing Spring-Summer For 2016 Show

Well I'm once again reminded of classic 70s dresses I see in older pictures. 
Doing a classic 70s pose anyone?

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For December 19, 2015

Time for some Taiwanese-Chinese kawaii anyone?
It's party time...

Pictures OF Liu Yi Fei Endorsing Tissot For December 18, 2015

It's time for more of Liu Yi Fei's endorsement...
Simplicity is beauty

Signing that huge poster anyone?

Suzy Bae Endorses The Beanpole Accessory Spring Bag For 2016

These pictures had me fooled thinking this was Maaya Uchida =P
I just love that angle...

Tori Matsuzaka With Paddington Bear

Here's Tori Matsuzaka with that adorable Paddington Bear mascot.
Looks like he's exercising charisma...

The man inside the bear suit is amazed...

Rin Takanashi Pictures For December 17, 2015

Just in time for her birthday.... =)
So she has become a mascot huh?

Suzy Bae Endorses The Face Shop

Well the holidays are here and let Suzy cheer you up...
Season's greetings...
Is that a face pack?

Liu Yi Fei For Tissot Watches

She really looks stunning in this Timex photo...

Riho Takada... NERD MODE!

I gotta admit, I wish she wore them glasses in Kamen Rider OOO... 

Popping With Rio Uchida And Ryoma Takeuchi

Now only if I can share that bucket of popcorn with them...
Rio looks like a Roidmude wants some popcorn...

Sayaka Akimoto And That Nutcracker

Well it's time to play the Nutcracker theme...
I'd love that nutcracker...

Esther Liu And Joanne Tzeng Reunited At Mariclaire Taiwan

Well the Sweety duo have another reunion together 
I just love those smiles... 

Lee Min Ho And That Banana Milk

Here's Lee Min Ho endorsing that tasty banana milk. I want one. =)
Looking so formal...

Maaya Uchida Pictures For December 12, 2015

It's time for a bunch of cuteness overload...
Is she feeling sad?

Liu Yi Fei For Bazaar Jewelry China

Well here's Liu Yi Fei for Bazaar Jewelry China...
She's indeed a pretty cover girl...

Joanne Tzeng For BEAUTY Magazine

Here's a kawaii cover of Joanne Tzeng for BEAUTY Magazine. 
Picture taken from this Facebook fanpage.

Suzy Bae Phabs Out With Lenovo For HWM Philippines

Well here's the lovely Suzy Bae as the cover girl for HWM Philippines...
Cover girl selfie...

Yukari Taki Pictures For December 9, 2015

It's time for cutie Yukari Taki...
Posing with what could be her director... 

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures For December 9, 2015

Gotta admit, she looks pretty here...
Simplicity is beauty...

Esther Liu And Her Grandparents

Here's Esther Liu with her grandparents who are still living... 
So grandma is having some soup... now only if can have some. =P

With her loving grandparents but from wich side of the family are they?

Pictures taken from her Facebook page.

Joanne Tzeng With Those Cute Mickey And Minnie Mouse Stuffed Toys

You can't deny she's a real cutie and looking at her holds those stuffed toys brings back memories. Picture taken from here.

Suzy Bae With Child Actor Park Min Su

I'll admit, Suzy does look like Maaya Uchida here... and she will appear in the TV series "Uncontrollably Fond". Picture was taken from this Suzy Bae fanpage.

Maaya Uchida Pictures For December 9, 2015

It's time to go ZU-CUNE!!!!!!!
Season's greeting anyone?

Esther Liu Feeling Tired...

After spending some time filming, well it's only normal she feels tired. Picture was taken from her Facebook Fanpage.

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For November 7, 2015

Well it's time for cutey time!
Cute look! 

Nao Nagasawa And Suzuka Morita Picture For December 7, 2015

Gotta admit that here's one of my favorite ninjas (Nao Nagasawa) together with who I wanted to be Misao in the Rurouni Kenshin movie namely Suzuka Morita. Hehe.

Suzy Bae Pictures For December 7, 2015

It's time for Mango Seed Shoo...

Tori Matsuzaka Endorses Aoki's Men Wear

Tori Matsuzaka's never looked so formal in these suits...
Gotta love that businessman look

Is he a conductor now?

Ninninger Cast Photos For December 7, 2015

Well it's time for Ninninger cast pictures yet again...
It must be a cold day of filming, isn't it?