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Suzy Bae For CARIN Sunglasses

What can I say? Even those shades can't cover the fact she is KAWAII!!!!
Gotta love that stare

Liu Yi Fei At The Poison Girl Dior Party

I just love the white dress she's wearing here in this party =)

Rin Takanashi Pictures For January 26, 2016

From pink to red... she looks pretty charming here.
Gotta love that smile

Joanne Tzeng Picture For January 26, 2016

What can I say? She's so cute!

Liu Yi Fei Pictures For January 16, 2016

She looks like Brigitte Lin here

Liu Yi Fei For Grazia China

Gotta admit, she's really looking pretty here! 

Ninninger Cast Photos For January 25, 2016

Ninninger is almost over, it's time to say goodbye right?
Well did they just finish filming?

Well it's time to say goodbye to these guys!

Suzy Bae Picture For January 25, 2016

Four times Suzy Bae is also four times her charm... 

Suzy Bae Pictures For January 21, 2016

Is she practicing calligraphy?

Suzy Bae Beanpole Accessory Pictures For January 18, 2016

Well it's time for pretty Suzy again!
Gotta love that look

Joanne Tzeng Pictures For January 17, 2016

Is she having a cup of refreshing tea?

Sayaka Akimoto Pictures For January 17, 2016

Still can't believe she's going to be a narrator for a Filipino-Japanese collaborated drama...
Geek mode!

Yukari Taki Pictures For January 17, 2016

Well here's some kawaii pictures of Yukari Taki for now
Gotta love that expression

Ninninger Cast And Drive Pictures For January 16, 2016

Well it's time for Drive and Ninninger

I think Ryo Takeuchi should be in samurai movies
I guess they've all just finished their filming so it's time to chill out

Esther Liu Pictures For January 16, 2016

She's alone in the rain....

Pictures Of Liu Yi Fei For Marie Claire For January 16, 2016

Here's yet another glamorous photo collection of Liu Yi Fei.
What a classic beauty

Barbie Xu Wang And Family At The Beach

Heres' Barbie Xu Wang, her husband and their daughter (her mini-me)... 

Pictures Of Tori Matsuzaka Endorsing Paddington Bear

Here's more photos of Tori Matsuzaka endorsing Paddington Bear. 
The bear is having a good time. 

The Force Awakens In Hiroki Aiba

Here's Hiroki Aiba wielding a lightsaber toy... and wow, they've had the rubber masks resembling Yoda and Darth Sidious/Emperor Palpatine.

Zyuohger Cast Pictures For January 11, 2016

Here's some pictures of the Zyuohger cast in their uniform. Hopefully the series itself will have better direction with Junk Komura as the writer. Tell me what you think!
Masaki Nakao as Yamato Kazariki
Miki Yanagi as Sera

Tori Matsuzaka At Flags Cafe And Dining

Even if it's already 2016, I find it amazing this guy has become so popular even after Shinkenger. Not so many red rangers get this much attention.
He's waiting for the guests.

Well looks like the guests have arrived.

Liu Yi Fei For SINA Fashion Street Style

Well all I can say is wow to all these pictures
I'm just reminded of some girl I fell for before

Erina Nakayama Styled By Miku Ogawa

Here's Erina Nakayama's pictures done from Miku Ogawa's Tumblr account.
She is really so moe 

Kasumi Yamaya And Yuuka Yano Pictures For January 9, 2016

Gotta love them sweet smiles
It's time to ride the express with the ninjas

SNH48 Member Ju Jing Yi

Here's SNH48 member Ju Jing Yi who's currently 21 years old. She's born on June 18, 1994. Quite a pretty face if you ask me.
She does almost look Japanese here...

Nao Nagasawa And Her Family

Well here's my "little nephew" (not) with his mom, Nao Nagasawa. 
I guess this was when she just newly gave birth. Hopefully a year or two, she'll have a daughter looking like her or it'd be a waste of genetic material.

Mother and son together

Ninninger Cast Picture For January 4, 2016

As Ninninger's finale arrives (and well, I'll have to wait), looks like they're needing a break or maybe they've already finished shooting. Hopefully, UkiyaSeed or JEFusion will provide me updates soon.

Erika Toda Pictures For January 4, 2014

Well here's the cute Erika Toda for today... =)
I just love that smile

Suzy Bae's That Pretty Face For The Face Shop

She's indeed the pretty face for Face Shop, no doubt. I just love the camera angles have managed to get it to such near perfection. =)

Happy New Year From Rio Uchida

It may be the closing chapter for Kamen Rider Drive but here goes...
Is this Tokyo Disneyland?

Kamen Rider Ghost And Kamen Rider Drive Cast Press Conference Last December 2015

Although this was very much last year, this is a pleasant memory. Kamen Rider's latest releases helped me cope up with my Tokusatsu fandom.
Ryoma Takeuchi is riding on Shun Nishime

Ryoma Takeuchi "Marries" Rio Uchida

This is the wedding scene for the upcoming Kamen Rider Drive and Kamen Rider Ghost movie. With how mixed I'm feeling with Super Sentai and Power Rangers as of late, I'm enjoying the recent Kamen Rider seasons more than the other two shows.
The bride and the groom steps out

The cast is clapping for the couple

Happy New Year From Riho Takada

Well it's time to get your Core Medals =)
She's really cute

Now I want some cherry blossom tea

Pictures taken from here.

Happy New Year From Suzy Bae

Here's Suzy Bae greeting a happy new year to everyone =)